iOS & Android: Add your journal progression on your phone home screen

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Since iOS 14, Apple has introduced widgets on the home screen. This feature allows you to add small pieces of information from your apps directly on your home screen. But you can also do it on Android. Every apps are responsible to develop their own widgets.

Today I'm happy to share with you that Uly has a widget that you can add to your home screen. This is a great way to keep track of your daily journaling habit and stay motivated.

It looks like this Uly journal widget

Another advantage of the widget is that it blends seamlessly with your phone's home screen. The aesthetically pleasing design mirrors a mini journal on your screen and does not interfere with the look and feel of your device.

How to add the journaling calendar widget to your home screen

Now, you might be asking, how do you add the Uly widget to your home screen?

Choose the size you want, and just like that, you have your Uly journal widget right on your home screen.


Let’s make journaling more than a habit, but a lifestyle! Remember, journaling is an excellent way to declutter your mind, free your thoughts and accentuate your creativity. The Uly widget was developed to streamline this process and make it even more enjoyable.

We hope that this newly introduced widget will revolutionize your writing experience, proving useful in your everyday journaling. Always keep in mind that your thoughts matter, and Uly is here to help you document them in the most convenient way. Dive into the world of journaling with Uly, and let your thoughts flow!

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