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ULY beta is finally available. It's been a long journey, but we are finally here. ULY is a video journal app for iOS and Android. It's a mobile app that allows you to record your life story, your thoughts, and your feelings.
Using ULY, you can start your video journal today.

Why should you start a video journal?

ULY invites you to think about what a diary can do for you, and for whom.
Many people have kept a diary at some point in their lives. It's a way to keep track of your life, your thoughts, and your feelings.
It's a way to remember the good times and the bad times. It's a way to reflect on your life and to learn from your experiences.

But more than that, many parents have kept a diary for their children.
They write down their today's life and little moments, and they hope that their children will read it one day.

That's how ULY was born.
We wanted to create a video journal app that allows you to record those little moments and eventually share them with your children in the future.

iOS and Android video diary screenshot

ULY beta features

The ULY beta version comes with the following features:

Capsule mode: lock a journal until a specific date (optionnal)

For each journal, you can choose to use the Capsule mode. This mode allows you to lock a journal until a specific date.
Also you can choose to ass or remove contacts until that date. Those people will receive an email inviting them to unlock the journal on that date.

The capsule mode allows you to share some little moments with your future self or children.

Time capsule vlog mode

Recording videos for your diary

Our app fully let you choose to record with ULY or upload a video of your choice. Video takes a lot of place on our phones.
But we don't want to lose them. The best thing is that we optimize videos and store them in your account on the cloud.

Worried about losing your videos and photos? Not with ULY. All your keepsakes are stored safely in the cloud, forever.

Record moments for your future children: create a movie of your life

Vlogging for your children can be an incredibly powerful way to capture your life from your perspective and present it to them in the future. Life whizzes by before we know it, and many meaningful moments often go uncaptured.
By chronicling your experiences, emotions and the personal evolution you undergo daily in a vlog, you're creating a timeless narrative of your life. With ULY, you can freeze those fleeting moments in time. Capturing snippets of family-time, your personal achievements, struggles, joy, and love goes beyond just creating memorabilia; you are documenting your life's journey for your children to peer into.

With video, reality is captured in it's pure, unfiltered essence, making it a powerful medium for reflection. ULY empowers you to create these invaluable time capsules that will offer your children more than memories: a wealth of life's lessons, a window to their past and a pathway to know their parent far more intimately.

Video diary for your children

Embracing ULY: More Than Just a Daily Video App

We don't just stop at providing a stellar video journal platform. With ULY, video journaling is no longer confined to just your thoughts, but also serves as a wholesome record of your daily life and special moments.

Indeed, ULY is a trailblazer among journal apps with its focus on dynamic, interactive and socially engaging modes of storytelling. Equipped with the tools for creating, storing and sharing beautiful video diary entries, ULY is clearly more than your average vlog app.

Why a Video Journal Might Be Your New Best Friend?

The habitual nature of diary writing has stood the test of time, having played a pivotal role in people's lives. A diary is an intimate haven to log life’s occurrences, thoughts, and emotions. The daily reflections on experiences enable us to trace patterns, understand, and learn life lessons.

This centuries-old tradition of diary writing served as the foundation for ULY—a groundbreaking leap to fuse it with modern technology. ULY transpires from the concept of videotaping those fleeting moments that color our everyday lives, adding texture to our personal narratives.

Discover the ULY Difference Today

Journey with us as we redefine the concept of what a diary can be. ULY combines the charm of traditional diary-keeping with the innovation offered by modern technology. The result? An interactive, engaging and immersive platform that brings your stories to life.

Unlike other daily video apps, ULY positions as the ultimate video diary, ensuring each experience, each memory is captured, stored, and relived in its true essence, making it the best journal app available today.

Don't simply exist, live, capture, and relive each moment with ULY, your very own personal video journal. Embark on a new journey of self-discovery with ULY today, because every moment matters!

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